The solid Afterloading foundation of today’s brachytherapy

The microSelectron® Digital afterloader is the latest evolution of Nucletron’s pioneering remote afterloading brand. The scalable and upgradable afterloading platform serves the needs of a wide range of brachytherapy providers, connecting seamlessly to the broader infrastructure of a radiation department and creating long-term value.

The microSelectron® Digital afterloading platform is a flexible solution for brachytherapy applications from treatments with a low number of treatment channels to complex treatments requiring a multitude of treatment channels.

Why microSelectron® Digital afterloading?

• Reliable platform with largest installed base worldwide
• Scalable afterloading system that can be tailored to a clinic’s needs
• Seamless integration with MOSAIQ and other oncology information systems
• 24/7 service support

One configuration suits all

The microSelectron® Digital afterloader platform can be configured to either High Dose Rate or Pulsed Dose Rate Brachytherapy. The system is comprised of:

Treatment unit
Remote afterloading unit for brachytherapy treatment delivery, designed for use with Nucletron’s full range of applicators

Treatment console
Console for the preparation, execution and monitoring of treatments, comprising a Treatment Control System workstation and a Treatment Control Panel

Source containers
Shielded containers for the transport, exchange and maintenance or emergency storage of the radioactive source

Source position check ruler
Device for verification of the source positioning for quality assurance purposes

Source position simulator
Device to determine the reference point in flexible applicators or visualizing dwell positions under fluoroscopy for treatment planning purposes

Room radiation monitor
Radiation detection system that independently checks the radiation level in the treatment  room.

Source dosimetry system
Device for measuring the strength of the radioactive source

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