The Smit Sleeve is designed for fractionated endometrial treatment. The Smit Sleeve is a plastic tube with drainage holes that is inserted into the endometrium and sutured in place prior to the first treatment. With the Smit Sleeve the cervix remains dilated and provides no patient discomfort.

The Smit Sleeve remains in place throughout the course of treatment to provide ease in reinsertion of the intrauterine tube and provides tissue spacing to reduce mucosal dose. The Smit Sleeve acts as a cervical stopper.

Smit Sleeve, ø 6 mm (Boxes of 10)

For Intrauterine Tubes up to ø 4 mm

Part Number           Description
189.676                       Smit Sleeve, l=20 mm
189.677                       Smit Sleeve, l=40 mm
189.679                       Smit Sleeve, l=60 mm
189.681                       Smit Sleeve, l=70 mm
189.682                       Smit Sleeve, l=80 mm
189.683                       Smit Sleeve, l=100 mm

Smit Sleeve, ø 9 mm (Box of 10)

For Intrauterine Tubes of ø 6 mm

Part Number           Description
189.566                       Smit Sleeve CT/MR, l=40 mm

• Can remain in place up to 28 days.
• All Smit Sleeves are CT and MR compatible.
• Come sterilized, are single-packed, and for single use only.

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