State-of-the-art radiation simulation

High patient throughput on your linear accelerator and highly accurate treatment plan verification are of the essence. Radiation simulation allows you to obtain the accuracy you want without occupying your accelerator. State-of-the-art radiation simulation with the Simulix Evolution means providing the best quality images, and seamless integration with your treatment planning and oncology information system.  Simulix Evolution offers a unique combination of image quality and workflow-based design with open architecture for a complete, versatile and efficient solution. With Simulix Evolution, you get a powerful tool to further improve the accuracy of your procedures. Patients receive better treatment and spend less time in radiation simulation.

Simulix Evolution follows the trusted Simulix design philosophy of enabling users to upgrade their simulator to the latest version. Clinicians and patients benefit from the latest technologies, while administrators maximize return on investment.

Brachytherapy imaging

In addition to external-beam treatments, Simulix Evolution’s detailed, high-resolution images complement your brachytherapy procedures. As the world leader in brachytherapy, we have extensive experience in brachytherapy imaging, planning and treatment. Simulix Evolution is ideal for applicator, needle and seed placement verification, while images can be exported to Oncentra® Brachy or other compatible treatment planning systems for accurate brachytherapy planning.

Why Simulix Evolution?

• High quality images that provide very high detail for more accurate treatment solutions
• Automated functions that reduce the time the patient spends in radiation simulaton
• High throughput and low maintenance, hallmarks of Simulix simulators
• Easily upgradeable, including the option of adding Oncentra® ConeBeam to turn your simulator into a powerful 3D CT system

Simulix Evolution®

• 2D and 3D imaging with Cone Beam CT option
• 41x41 cm flat panel amorphous silicon digital detector
• High image quality and reliable algorithms
• SoftGuard unique logic collision avoidance system
• Patient load and unload function includes the automated sequence of gantry, table and flat panel movement
• Open architecture simulation software
• Paperless, digital workflow using Oncentra Simulation
• Bi-directional set-up communication; supports assisted set-up for pre-simulated fields
• Dedicated pedestal patient table with extended range, small footprint and shallow pit
• Full carbon fiber treatment style table top with indexing Combo insert (max load 250kg)
• Various rail systems for accessory attachments for patient positioning

Oncentra® Simulation

• Contouring tools with margining
• MLC shaping and verification with auto-fit
• Auto set-up with pre-defined plans
• DRR trace function with fluoro image
• Trace function for dual-image contour comparison
• Custom blocking and pre-defined block library
• Export of beam related parameters
• Auto set-up features: standard, previous, manual or imported plan set-ups can be updated automatically

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